Bibliography of topographical and local history literature of Northern Norway

The University Library of Tromso

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Norsk versjon

The University Library of Tromso has recorded the Northern Norway part of some basic Norwegian topographical and local history bibliographies. The work has been done as part of the Norwegian National Documentation Project. The Northern Norway part of the following bibliographies has been recorded:

Deichmanske bibliotek : Register til en del norske tidsskrifter. 1908.
(Deichman's Library [Oslo Public Library] : Index to a selection of Norwegian serials. Topography).

Johan Schweigaard: Norges topografi. Bibliografisk fortegnelse over topografisk og lokalhistorisk litteratur [fram til 1917]
(The topography of Norway. Bibliography of topography and local history literature [until 1917].

Tillegg 1917-1927 ved W.P. Sommerfeldt
(Supplement 1917-1927 by W.P. Sommerfeldt).

Tillegg 1928-1945 ved W.P. Sommerfeldt
(Supplement 1928-1945 by W.P. Sommerfeldt).

Norsk lokalhistorisk litteratur 1946-1970
(Norwegian local history literature 1946-1970)

Bibliografi til Norges historie 1945-1975
(Bibliography to Norwegian history 1945-1975).

In addition records from Bibliotheca Norvegica have been extracted with references from Schweigaard.

Both articles in periodicals (including a selection of newspaper articles) and books from the oldest times until about 1975 have been recorded. From that time the electronic recording in the Norwegian national bibliographic databases BIBSYS and UBO:BOK(1972- and Index to Norwegian periodicals 1980-) began.

All subjects have been covered provided the refer to Northern Norway or specific places in Northern Norway. The records have been classified according to Klassifikasjonsnøkkel til norsk topografi [Key to administrative classification of Norwegian topography] by Vegard Elvestrand.